The Distributed Systems Group, belonging to the following department/program, is working on various research related to techniques of cooperation among multiple (especially a large number of) computers.

  • Department of Information and Communications Engineering, Faculty of Informatics, Kogakuin University.
  • Informatics Program, Graduate School of Engineering, Kogakuin University.

Keywords: Publish/Subscribe Systems, MQTT, IoT, Overlay Network (Peer-to-Peer Network), Edge Computing, Blockchain, etc.


  • MQTTLoader
    An open-source load testing tool for MQTT, supporting both MQTT v5.0 and v3.1.1.

For students of Kogakuin University

If you are interested in this research group, please contact the PI (Dr. Banno).
We will arrange an opportunity to get an explanation and/or visit the laboratory room.

For people other than students

If you are interested in this research group (e.g., collaborative research), do not hesitate to contact us.